CGB Seminar Monday 26 September, 15.15 Världen, Geocentrum I, Sölvegatan 10, Lund
From Forest to Farmland and meadow to metropolism, or when did the Antropochne begin?
Jed O Kaplan, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

CGB Seminar 3 June, 2016, Pangea, Eske Willerslev: The molecular past

 CGB Seminar  Thursday April 7  14.00 in Pangea
 "The Road from Paris"

 Professor Markku Rummukainen will give a lecture on the Paris agreement and its implications.


 The world concluded four years of international negotiations with a new global climate agreement in Paris, December 2015. The negotiations build on the scientific understanding of the drivers, mechanisms and future prospects of climate change, and the recognition of negative impacts on the society and the nature.  The discussions concern not only targets but also means of implementation, and thus connect to development, equity, technology transfer, investments, etc. The agreement specifies increased ambition of limiting  climate change to “well below” two degrees global mean temperature rise, and outlines the further development of principles and mechanisms for this. A number of issues remains to be further specified, such as on climate finance and monitoring commitments. It is also clear that there is gap between the joint ambition and action on the ground, on country level. The new agreement is for these reasons also a frame that will be successfully filled during future negotiation rounds, including later this year in Bonn and in Morocco.

Markku Rummukainen är professor i klimatologi vid Lunds universitet, och klimatrådgivare på SMHI. Utöver den klimatforskning han bedrivit i över 20 år, har han bidragit till IPCC utvärderingsrapporter, och har deltagit i de internationella klimatförhandlingarna sedan 2010.

Older seminars below:


9/2 2012: 14:00 CGB seminarium
The Power of the Past: Tracking the Effects of Multiple Stressors Using Lake Sediments. John Smol. Plats: Pangea. Välkommen!

23/2 2012: CGB Seminarium
Stoichiometry and global change from a modeling perspective
Professor Göran Ågren, Institutionen för ekologi SLU, Uppsala
Efter seminariumet presenteras en nyutgiven bok:
Ågren GI, Andersson FO 2012. Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology - Principles and Applications.
Lokal: Pangea, Geocentrum II
Tid: 23/2 kl 15.15

Prof. Gene Likens. Water and the interface between science and poilicy (full house, very popular)
(Stort deltagande, mycket bra föreläsning)

6/12-2012: Eline Lorenzen Megafauna.


24/1-2013 14.00-16.00: Kristina Bäckstrand.

Lokal: Atmosfären

From research to industri and business - challanges and possibilities for individuals and society
Från forskning till näringsliv - utmaningar och möjligheter för både individ och samhälle!

Både individ och samhälle kan tjäna på att disputerade väljer att göra en fortsatt karriär utanför akademin.
Men varför upplevs det ofta så svårt göra detta byte? Vilka är utmaningarna och vilka är möjligheterna?
Kristina Bäckstrand som tidigare har studerat i Lund och nu arbetar som rådgivare inom ansvarsfull och hållbar
affärsutveckling ger sina perspektiv på dessa frågor och berättar om hur en karriär inom näringslivet kan se ut med
avstamp från en magisterexamen i naturgeografi och en doktorsexamen i biogeokemi.

Preliminary Thursday 7/3

Place: Världen, Geocentrum I, Sölvegatan 10
7/3, 13.15-14.00, John Birks, Bergen University, Norway:
Biodiversity patterns in space and time - perspectives from Real-time, Quaternary-time, and Deep-time

Wednesday 18 September 2013

LUCCI-MERGE-CGB Scientific Seminar
Resilience and vulnerability in the
coupled carbon-climate-human system
Dr Michael Raupach
Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
Canberra, Australia

1.15-2.30 PM
Hörsalen (A213), 2nd Floor, Biologihuset
Sölvegatan 35A, Lund

Thursday 19 September

CGB Seminar Thursday 19 September at 15:15 in Pangea, Geocentrum I

Lakes and The Anthropocene

Prof. Rick Battarbee, University College London


CGB-Seminar, January 31st @ 1:15pm

"Managing at the right scale: Kangaroos and abalone - two species at opposite ends of the mobility spectrum"
By Prof. John Hearne from School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne.
Open to faculty and students. The seminar will be held in room "Biosfären".

CGB-Seminar, Thursday 6 mars @ 14.15 (2:15 pm) in Pangea
 Lotta Åbjörnsson,  Centre for Educational Development,
 How to make a good presentation?

CGB-Seminar, Thursday 13 mars @ 15.15 (3:15 pm) in Pangea
 Dr. Harald Grip, expert in forest hydrology SLU
 Water pathways - one key to weathering

CGB-seminar, Thursday 24 April @ 14.15 (2.15 pm) in Pangea. Professor  Mary Schweitzers.
"Evidence for endogenous biomolecular preservation in two dinosaurs"

BECC-CGB Seminar Wednesday 4 June

Associate Professor Belinda Medlyn
Dept of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

"Advancing process-based models of forest responses to climate change: the
assumption-centred modelling approach"

Time: Wednesday 4 June, 13.15
Place: Rio, 4th floor, Geocentrum I, Helgonavägen 6, Lund

Process-based models of forest ecosystems are widely used to predict the
likely future impacts of environmental change. However, models frequently
differ in their predictions, leading non-modellers to ask which model is
"best". I argue that we should consider models not as entities, but as
collections of assumptions about individual processes, and we should instead
be asking which assumptions are best. Model predictions can and should be
understood by relating them back to their underlying assumptions.
Understanding the effect of individual assumptions allows us identify major
uncertainties in the models and work towards improving them. I will show how
this assumption-centred approach to modelling is being used to improve our
understanding of the effects of rising CO2, temperature and water
availability on forest function.

CGB Seminar Tuesday 30 September 2014 @ 15.00
 Carlos Duarte, IMEDEA, Spain will talk on
 The Arctic at the crossroads: Thresholds and tipping elements in the Arctic Marine System

CGB Seminar Thursday  13 November 2014 @ 14.15 in Pangea
 Andrew Richardsson, Harvard University:  Nonstructural carbon in forest trees

CGB Seminar Tuesday 18 November 2014 @ 15.00 in Pangea
 Lars Tranvik
 Transport and transformations of carbon from soil to sea


 CGB-seminar Thursday 12 November in Pangea @13:00. Dr. Benjamin Kear will talk about
 ”Polar dinosaurs, giant snakes and carnivorous kangaroos: exploring the impacts of modern palaeontology”.

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